The artist

Mixed media artist from sculptures to

jewellery,interior design objects and theater costumes.

Inspired by Victorian England,geisha's and the

Japanese culture, antiques, cult movies, royal

history, spirituality, fairytales, icons & muses,

and all things edgy in life.

In her work she is shaping the atmosphere and

emotions she experiences so

that the memories become tangible. The

materials, the craft and the unique are


Sacred species

Sacred Species

Each and every one of my Sacred Species reflects the undeniable power of Catholicism. And confronts the viewer with both the splendor of religious art and the totalitarian character of the Catholic Church. I depict this schism between power and submission by using the same iconography and materials that recur in religious art.



Reîncarnated muses

A concept in which icons, muses reincarnate

through the creation of the artist. Life after

death is a metaphysical concept, which means

that the consciousness of a man does not end

with death, but continues in some form after

dying. The artist gives shape to this concept and

led by her intuition she seeks the right materials

and textures to portray the personality of the

Muse, so that it can inspire others. They are the

image of death, yet they contain the breath of

life. The great mystery and beauty of creation.

It’s all about story telling.

"Individuals"-Custom made sculptures

In this spiritual concept is the immortalization

of yourself. In an interaction with a live person

the artist creates, by means of this process,

his/her own after life skull. Like the ancient

crystal skulls, they can help each of us to acces

other levels of our consciousness, which many

of us today have forgotten how to use.

Your soul becomes a work of art.


Spring Art Salon-Brussels (april 2018)

Accessible Art Fair @ Bozar-Brussels (october 2018)

Archeus Post Modern gallery @ Art Miami (december 2018)

Gallery Ysebaert,Reincarnated muses exhibition,Belgium

(august-november 2019)

Archeus Post Modern gallery @ Art Miami (december 2019)

Archeus Post Modern gallery @ Art Palm Beach (january 2020)


Publications: The Art couch #3 - 2019