Madame Butterfly

Famous opera by Puccini and movie by David Cronenberg.

Loosely based on true events,the film concerns René Gallimard. He becomes infatuated with a Chinese opera performer,Song Liling (John Lone).

Their affair lasts for 20 years, with Gallimard all the while apparently unaware of the fact that in traditional Chinese opera, all roles are performed by men.

Faced with the unbearable truth that his lover is actually male, he himself takes on the role of Butterfly, the woman who died for the sake of an illusory love.

Opera : A sad story about a young geisha girl named Butterfly,who married an american officer. Left alone,deserted by her family,husband,religion and child,she retreats back to the only thing she has left,her culture.In this culture,freedom from life's dishonour can be found through ritual suicide.Her father's Samurai sword,her only inheritance,frees Butterfly at last...

"Now I see,we are always most revolted by the things hidden within us" -David Henry Huang,



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